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A  Must  For  All  Opera  Singers,

Instructors,  Coaches  &  Impresarios


A Guide To Operatic Excellence has been designed to assist opera singers, instructors, coaches and impresarios in the scientific development of the singing voice.  Predicated on the laws of physics and anatomy, these scientifically proven techniques have been demonstrated to achieve remarkable results when applied on a continuous basis.  

A Guide To Operatic Excellence will provide you with detailed step-by-step principles that will help you to achieve immediate results by increasing the range, quality and carrying power of the voice.  As you begin to study this dynamic training video and manual, you will acquire a thorough understanding of the scientific principles of vocal reproductions that enabled the great golden age singers of the past to achieve operatic excellence.

Whatever level of vocal development that you have attained, from the beginning student to the professional artist,  A Guide To Operatic Excellence will make you a much more dynamic, confident and expressive artists than ever before.

              ISBN-10: 0943577004                |        ISBN-13: 9780943577005ISBN 

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