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DYNAMIC  SINGING:    A  New  Approach  To  Free  Voice  Production


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Plácido Domingo is a world-renowned, multifaceted artist, recognized not only as one of the finest and most influential singing actors in the history of opera but also as a respected conductor. Domingo’s vocal repertoire encompasses 140 stage roles – a number unmatched by any other celebrated tenor in history.  T​​HE KING OF OPERA​​​​​​​

James K. McCully served as Chairman of the National Opera Association Convention with world-renowned Metropolitan Opera tenor Placido Domingo at Kennedy Center Opera House. Domingo welcomed artists, speakers, teachers and contestants who traveled from near and far, and inspired us with a renewed commitment  to the future of the art of singing.


 Marjorie Lawrence was the only singer in history who attained the distinction of a complete repertory in the great German, French and Italian dramatic soprano roles while still in her twenties. She was the greatest actress on the operatic stage, and an interpreter of uncanny versatility. She had one of the greatest ranges of any singer. THE QUEEN OF SONG.

James K. McCully received his introduction into grand opera through the inspiration and personal contact as a protégé of the world-famous Metropolitan Opera dramatic soprano Marjorie Lawrence.  Lawrence wrote the introduction to the book, DYNAMIC SINGING: A New Approach To Free Voice Production.


Metropolitan Opera tenor and three-time Grammy Award winner Jerry Hadley was considered the leading American tenor of his generation and one of the most sought-after singers of our time. Hadley was widely acclaimed for both his interpretations of the great operatic tenor roles of the Mozart, French Romantic and Bel Canto eras, as well as his "crossover" recording ventures into the world of Broadway musical theater, operetta, and popular music.  THE WORLD'S MOST VERSATILE TENOR.

James K. McCully studied in New York City with Metropolitan Opera tenor Jerry Hadley's teacher, sat in on Hadley's voice lessons in the afternoons, and went to the Metropolitan Opera to hear Jerry Hadley

sing leading tenor roles at night.

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